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Top 5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing for your Business

With video projected to account for over 80% of internet traffic by 2020, what can you do now to make sure your business is not left behind

The age of viral cat videos and using YouTube for re-learning how to tie a tie are well and truly over. In fact, if you aren't currently using video content for your audience you could be already a little late to the race. Not to fear; here are my Top 5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing for your Business and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Video increases conversions and boosts sales

First and foremost, video content can make your business some serious sales. By simply adding a product video to your product page, you can increase conversions by up to 80%. Similarly, promoting video content is far more likely to engage your customers than text or images.

Video has the power to directly lead to sales for your business. In 2017, sixty four percent of consumers who watched branded video on social media clicked through and made a purchase.

Businesses who market video grow up to 49% faster than the competition, and views on branded video increased by 258% on Facebook and 90% on YouTube in 2017 alone. Video even edged out text content as the most valuable with the highest ROI in 2018. More than half of executives agreed that if consumers have choice between text and video on the same topic, they are more likely to select video.

2. Video produces excellent ROI (Return on Investment)

When exploring marketing tools for your business it is important to consider how much return you are going to receive in return for your investment. The rise and rise of online video content consumption means that consumers are engaging with video more than ever, which leads to consumers connecting with your message far more effectively.

In fact; 52% of marketing professionals consider video to be the most effective content with the best ROI. “Marketers can learn about views, how much content was viewed, in what order and geographical locations”. Not to mention that 95% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication. 95% of successful marketers can’t be wrong right?

So these stats are all very interesting, but what does this mean for your business? Well, by utilising and promoting professional high quality video to your customers, you are more likely to encourage engagement, which leads to greater sales.

3. Video produces the most organic reach, SEO, which means more value for money

In the online video marketing world there are two ways to reach your audience, through paid advertisements or organic reach. It is basically PPC (pay-per click) vs ‘Free’ SEO (Search Engine Optimisation/Google Ranking). Paid advertisements include Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Adsense among many others. The reach that your content gets through paid advertising is largely attributed to the amount you spend, the competition and the potential customers you are targeting as your audience. If you are paying for an advertisement online, that ad will only run for the duration and amount you select. While this can be a good way to contact your audience, the more popular avenue is through organic reach.

The advantage of organic reach, is that your audience is more than likely looking for your products and services, rather than the other way around. This includes search results in Google, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram tags etc. Video content also increases the amount of time that a user will stay on your site, which is sends builds trust for your website with search engines, improving your ranking.

While there are many facets to search engine optimisation, the better your product or service promotional material, the more likely it is going to show up in people’s results when they are searching.

4. Increased Shareability - Video content gets more shares

I am sure that everyone has by now witnessed a video that has gone viral. Not talking just about cat videos, or prank videos at McDonalds. You know, the one that has had millions of views and launched a brand into household-name-dom.

While the chances of having one of your product videos go ‘viral’ depends on a lot of factors and luck, it is certainly possible to create a successful video for your business that people engage with, like and share. 90% of mobile video viewers share that content with others. Tagging friends is the new word of mouth, and it might surprise you as a business owner just how possible it is to have a branded video gain a lot of organic attention.

The beauty of utilising video is that once it is uploaded, it is forever available to the public to view, and this means that it has the potential to become ‘evergreen content’. Videos are always resurging into people’s feeds months and years after they are uploaded, giving your social media and website far more depth and value to your business.

5. Explainer videos entice both the laziest, and most curious of customers

Video content is great for learning, and there are many YouTube channels dedicated to doing just that, teaching people how to do something. It is straight to the point. In a busy world, the modern customer doesn’t have time to read through a long winded article about why they should buy your product or service. Explainer videos, walkthroughs and general promotional videos are a great way to quickly and effectively tell your story to your potential buyers.


Short concise promotional material can be the difference between potential customers investing in your products, making sales and telling your brand’s story so what are you waiting for?

Contact me today to work out a video marketing strategy for your business.

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